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When is the best time of the day to queue?
NoQ® tell you!

A.I. ride strategy
Queue less, Ride more!



What’s the best time to ride Toy’s story mania?more

What will you do if you see wait times 180 min at 09:30? queue or not?

NoQ gives you forecasted wait times of the day.


What is the best riding tip if I’d like to ride 7 rides today?more

Tell NoQ what rides you’d like to ride today, NoQ gives you the best sequence with minimum wait times.

Have withdrawn a FP (Fast Pass)? NoQ can still give you a best sequence with FP considerated.


Which ride has less wait times right now?more

Tell me which ride I can ride


When and where are the
Parades / Shows?more

You will have real-time schedule in NoQ!


How NoQ helps?

Operation calender at a glance

Information of crowd calender, temporary closure of park facilities, ticket and special events

NoQ is smart and out of sight

A.I. riding strategy engine - Tell NoQ how many rides you’d like to ride, NoQ gives you the optimum sequence with minimum wait times!

NoQ knows the current wait times of every ride

Go to the ride with minimum wait times right now!

Schedule of parades and shows, all in NoQ

Up-to-date schedule of all parades and shows!

Small Icons, 
superior functions

Riding Strategy

Tell NoQ how many rides you’d like to ride, NoQ gives you the optimum riding sequence with minimum wait times!


Location, introduction and predictive waiting time of each attraction

Disney Character Greetings

Location, schedule, introduction of each Disney character greeting and rating board

Parades and Shows

Location, schedule, introduction of each parade/show and rating board


Location, introduction of each shop and rating board


Location, introduction and menu of each restaurant and rating board

Guest Services

Find the closest guest services

Our Technologies

Wait times change all the time.

Previous riding experiences are usually useless.

Wait times change due to some reasons (weather, public holiday, special events,...) , you need rational wait times forecasting instead of human experieces.

NoQ shortens your wait times by analyzing historical wait times data.

Thanks to NoQ’s A.I. forecasting engine, NoQ is the world’s most precise forecasting service of Tokyo Disney.

NoQ team is an A.I./math enthusiast, we might be the first team to develop the forecasting model of Tokyo Disney.

By forecasting wait times of each ride at anytime, visitors have chances to choose the best moment to queue up, as well as riding rides as many as possible with minimum wait times of the day.


The accuracy of forecasting model changes by some unpredictable factors, we promise to strengthen our forecasting model continuously.

We provide refund if don’t satisfy our product. Please email to :

Tokyo Disney NoQ

NoQ, your exclusive guide to Tokyo Disney personal!

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